Saturday, April 30, 2011

Film production

I am not just a lesbian blogger. I am also a writer, and a film maker. And the film maker in me is coming here to get the help I need to begin production of a film that is about a lesbian.

I recently came across a script that captured my attention. After having read it, I realized that this would be a great script to film. And so I am coming to this audience, knowing that people that read this are likley to be gay, lesbian, or supporters of gays and lesbians. This script has a strong lesbian theme to it, and shows how normal lesbian life is.

The whole premise is that there is a young woman who is a lesbian, and adopted, and her journey to find her place in the world. It truly is a coming of age story.

If you would like to know more about this project, this is the paragraph you need to read. If you want to know more about the script, plot, or production, e-mail me at
with your questions, and a subject line of more info. If you want to participate in this project as an actor e-mail me at with the subject line of actor, attach your resume and photo. If you want to sink some money into this project so it can be done, go to

Video-coming out

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's hard

First memories of knowing you are gay/lesbian

Sorry that I've been out of sight and not posting for so long! I've pretty busy with Lent, handbell rehersals, Easter, working in my church's nursery, trying to find a full time job, and writing a script for script frenzy ( But I'm back to post!
Everyone has their first memories of when they first realized/knew that they are gay/lesbian. And for me that is no different. For me my first memory of knowing that I was different, and knowing that I am a lesbian were quite spread out. In fifth grade I remember thinking that my teacher was beautiful, and that I was feeling so different from my peers. And after that I knew that I was different from my peers, but really didn't have a good way to descibe why I was so different. Throughout middle school and high school, I didn't really like the words gay, lesbian, and homosexual, even though I knew (in the back of my head) that that's what I was and am, and that there was nothing I could do about it.
Later on in my life, while I was working at Dow Gardens, I realized that nothing had changed. I realized that this was who I am. I realized that I had grown up. I realized that I had come to accept myself as a gay; as a lesbian.