I have started working my way towards producing a film about a young lesbian's journey towards acceptance.  This is where you can find out more about what is going on with the project and how you can become involved with the project.

This film is about a young woman who is a lesbian, her journey towards acceptance, and how her family deals with it all.

If you are interusted in throwing some money into the making of this film you can go to the following link to donate:
And if you are an actor interusted in the project you can e-mail me your resume and head shot at

Last night I started contacting a few actors that I had received head shots and resumes for, and was interested in having audition.  That process of contacting people that I would like to audition continued today.

I have a script, which is now being edited.  I wrote the script during April as a part of script frenzy (  Late in April I began debating if I should make a film of it or not.  After much debate, I decided to make the film.  And so right now I am in the process of fundraising, and getting resumes and headshots together.  So far I have over 20 head shots and resumes to consider.  Having at least glanced at the resumes and head shots each of the people that have sent theirs in, I have a lot of female prospects for the film.  But I don't have many males.  And there are at least two more roles for males that I haven't been able to fnd anyone that looks like a good prospect.