Thursday, June 2, 2011

Return from the land of e-mail

Once again I have neglected my blog. :-(

This time I have a good reason, and some great stories to tell.

Did I mention that I am busy with a new "job"? I guess not. So here we go.

Early last month I began the process of putting together the cast and crew of my first full length feature film. The film is about a young woman who is a Lesbian, and her relationships. And it sure has been an adventure now that I am a month into the process. I am still in the process of casting, and have a couple more people to audition.

Quite some time ago I saw the film titled"Loving Annabelle" for the first time. And I must say that it was one of those films that you just don't forget. In a way it reminded me of my senior year, when I found myself attracted to one of my teachers, and didn't act on it. Shortly after watching "Loving Annabelle" I watched "The Gymnast". Both movies were well done. And the thing I remember after watching both films (besides how eaisly I connected with the stories and characters), was how well they were filmed-how beautiful so many of the shots were.

Maybe those movies changed me more that I originally thought that did. Having seen them, I finally realized that there was a place for films about gays and lesbians.

And so the process began for me in early May. And now, just over a month in, I have found myself overwealmed by the fact that this is really happening, and that now I am finishing up auditions and now am beginning to make decisions on who to cast for which roles.

Did I mention that I have found so much talent in Michigan, especially the children that have auditioned?

Beyond the chaos that my life has become, I've found myself so appretiative of other gays and lesbians that have influenced me. I don't know if I would be out today if I didn't know that other people had gone through the process of coming out before me. I don't know where I would be if I didn't know that my Mom has a cousin that is gay.
And so now I am returning to the land of e-mails, phone calls, auditions, and making decisions on who to cast and who not to cast.

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