Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are there others like me?

There are others like you out there, who are gay, lesbian, or queer. There are many gays and lesbians who are out there and are out, who are fully closeted, and who are partially closeted. And chances are that you know one of them, or one of your friends knows one of them. Most of my life I never realized I knew one personally, and that I was related to another. Amazingly enough the one I know personally was someone I spent a lot of time with during middle school and high school thanks to a series of classes we both took, and school activities we both were involved with. I didn't go looking for gays and lesbians for a long time simply because of how scared I was of what might happen to me if I was seen with gays and lesbians, and was scared that people would find me out and hurt me. But when I began coming out, I started keeping my eyes out for them, and began to seek them out. One group I found quickly is called The Beaver Bunch and can be found on YouTube I highly suggest looking them up on YouTube. They are doing amazing things for gays and lesbian. Having a group like The Beaver Bunch so access able to so many is such a gift. They have provided answers to so many questions and provide a great and very positive resource to gays and lesbians. Look for your local GLSEN or PFLAG group. They can provide so much support, and can help you find other people just like you.

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