Saturday, February 5, 2011

Questions, answers, and being scared

"I'm searching for comfort, a place to call my own, I'm scared of where I'm heading, where will this fear subside, when will I find the answers to questions in my mind...." Scott Alan

When you know that you are gay/lesbian at a young age, it can be rather scary to think about coming out to anybody and everybody. Sometimes we question ourselves and if what we are feeling is a phase, or something that will last longer than a phase and is the real thing. Those of us who have been through the process of coming out know what it's like all too well. Being scared of what you are feeling is something that happens. Searching for the answers as to why you are feeling these things for people of the same sex is normal. Eventually the fear subsides, and you find the answers to the questions you have.

Being scared--
I wish that nobody had to feel scared about coming out to anyone and the reaction that would happen when you come out. But that's a fact of life. I know I experienced the fear of rejection by family and friends, and society. The fear you might be feeling about when people find out that you are gay is understandable. Not everyone is accepting of gays/lesbians. We all have a need to be accepted by others. But we also have to learn to accept ourselves for who we are. It might take years before you learn to accept yourself as gay or lesbian. But once you do, you begin to feel so much more confident.

All those questions--
We all have so many questions we want answered. Why am I gay/lesbian? Why me? Is this just a phase or something more? Those question's aren't easy to answer. And I don't even have all of the answers. I don't know why I am gay. But I know that I am gay for a reason, and that the reason will make sense when I get older. I know that because I went throught the process of coming out, and came out to my family and friends, I am stronger. Solving all those questions you have about your sexuality is somthing that happens over time. The longer you spend looking for your answers the more answers you'll find.

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