Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coming Out Gay Aint Easy

Coming out aint easy. That's a fact, and one that I've proven to myself time and again. Early today I was working on updating my other blog, and when I went to see how my latest blog post looked, I decided that I wanted to do a full series of posts on coming out as gay/lesbian. And thus this blog was born.
I have plans for this blog. I am hoping to post here regularly, and post about the process of coming out, and being out in a world that doesn't always accept gays and lesbians. If anything I hope that this blog reaches someone that is struggling and gives them hope for their life and their future.
I am gay, and openly gay. So I will be able to write about my experiences being gay, the way I am percieved by people, and the issues that gays/lesbians deal with from the perspective of a person who deals with these things on a regular basis.

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  1. Great series, Erin. Thanks for putting your thoughts into words for others going through the same journey.