Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is it a choice?

Is being gay or lesbian a choice? That is today's topic.

There are people that believe that people choose to be gay or lesbian. Some people believe that being gay or lesbian is a sin. There are people who believe that a person who is gay or lesbian can change and become straight. And there are people that believe some combination of the above. And whatever you believe in is fine with me. Believe what you want about gays and lesbians, but don't force your opinions on me.

We do not choose wether we are gay, lesbian, bi, or straight. It's just how we are born. I don't have absolute proof to prove that people are born with their sexuality. But I believe that we are born with a specific sexuality. I know that I wasn't born straight, and that I was born gay. I know people who were born straight that know for sure that they weren't born gay.

As a young child I was not fully aware of my sexuality. But as I've grown up, I've learned about myself and my sexuality. I learned that I wouldn't be like anyone else. I learned that my sexuality was different. But no matter how long I tried to deny myself of my feelings, they kept on coming back. And it was when they kept on coming back that I knew that I was gay, was a lesbian, and that I would never be able to change how I feel for other women.

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