Friday, February 11, 2011

Prental Reaction

Every parent who finds out that their son or daughter is gay reacts differently. Some parents will disown their gay child because of their belief that being gay is wrong. Some parents will try to turn you straight. Some parents will attempt to convince themselves that their child being gay is just a phase. And some parents will go into hiding for a period of time, and when they emerge from hiding they are pround of their gay child. And yet other parents are accepting and proud of their gay child the moment they find out. Every parent is different, so no two parents with children who are gay react the same way to their child coming out.

I am lucky enough to have parents that didn't try to disown me or try to turn me straight. When I told my parents, they struggled a wlittle with how to cope with my sexuality. They were okay with my being gay, or at least my mom was. But my dad was a bit confused, and asked me if I knew myself well enough to really know that I am gay. He's still struggling, and is in hiding at the moment as he figures out how he personally will cope with having a gay daughter. But my mom was very accepting of my coming out, and very supportive. In fact she began getting together with people who also hae a child who is gay.

If your parents hate your guts for being gay, think of it this way--they don't realize that this is something that you cannot control. Don't give up on life just because your parents don't accept you because of your sexuality. Remember that it does get better. Stick around long enough to see all the good things that will come in time.

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