Monday, February 21, 2011

"It's a phase"

"It's a phase"--this is so untrue. There are the people out there who litterally are experimenting, and grow out of it. But there are a lot of us who are NOT experimenting and are NOT going through a phase. It's okay if you say that it's a phase when someone really is going through a phase. But please please please don't say that it's a phase. I hate it when people say that I'm going through a phase.

It's hard to hear someone tell you what you are going to find yourself attracted to, especially when they aren't the ones who really know what you are attracted too. If you happen to be straight and a reading this, think of it this way. I could go up to any person who is straight and tell them that what they feel for people of the opposite sex is just a phase, you would say that I'm crazy for saying that. Well that's what it's like when someone says "It's a phase" to someone who is truley gay.

Here's a question I pose to those of you who are straight: how did you know you were straight? I have a feeling that you just knew that you were attracted to people of the opposite sex. That's the way it is for gays and lesbians. We just know that we are attracted to people of the same sex.

If you think that those of us who are gay or lesbian are just going through a phase, I'm sorry to break it too you, but we really are gay or lesbian.

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